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The Billiard Industry Group

We are a collection of like-minded companies serving the Billiards and Game Room Industries to deliver the best-in-class products, programs, and benefits to all industry-related customers.

The goal of the B.I.G. is to come together early in the year to get ahead of industry trends and challenges. We look to strengthen relationships with our core dealers and expand further into the home leisure market.  For these reasons we are kicking off our year at the Hearth, Patio, and BBQ Expo. At the HPBE we hope to embrace every opportunity to learn and grow.

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"We are very excited to be participating in the HPBExpo as part of the B. I. G.  The HPBExpo delivers a better time frame for our business model, a larger pool of potential customers and a variety of product categories for the dealers – all major factors towards success for all."


"We value our dealers' input. They are on the frontlines and know the trends and demands. But, we need time to react. Having a show earlier in the year allows us enough time to do adjust. It’s just that simple."


"Showing new products and offering specials before summer allows our dealers to better plan, prepare, and adjust their inventory and marketing strategies for the balance of the year. This show promises to be exciting and helpful to our industry."


"B.I.G. comprises some of the highest quality and best-known brands in the industry, all coming together in an effort to grow the industry and create more awareness.  The HPBExpo also features  BBQ, grills, outdoor fire and furniture, and patio and hearth … quite an offering for many of our retailer friends."


"We are delighted to be part of the Billiard Industry Group which will be defining the trends in the industry."

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